3. Graham Building, 1926

Listed on the National Register of Historical Places, the Graham Building is 1 of Stolp Island's 2 Prairie style buildings. Built in 1926, the Graham Building is one of the few downtown buildings that acknowledges its riverfront location. It has identical decorative face brick and horizontal terra cotta and brick string-coursing on both the street and riverfront facades. At 8 stories, the Graham Building is the tallest of Elmslie's 5 Aurora works and the most subdued in detailing and ornamentation. Contrast its severely plain, smooth pink granite first-floor elevation with the Keystone's ornate storefronts across the street.

William Graham, Elmslie's client, was also the general contractor for this building, along with the other Elmslie structures in Aurora. Graham immigrated to Aurora from Nova Scotia, Canada, in the 1890s, becoming a general contractor of area prominence. Graham owned the namesake building until his death in the early 1950s.


33 - 35 S Stolp Avenue
Aurora, IL 60505