5. Healy Chapel, 1928

A stone building with trees in front of it.
The Healy Chapel features characteristic Prairie style elements, including the emphasis on the horizontal in the exterior design through the use of horizontal banding and changes in materials from brick on the first and second stories to stucco on the third story. Other Prairie style features include the geometrically patterned terra cotta decoration, stained glass windows and hipped roof. The double stained glass entry doors are also surrounded by decorative terra cotta motifs.
The building's plan and design reflect the architect's careful attention to the details of both the business and personal aspects of the mortuary business. The vertical piers on the lower portion are commercial Prairie style features that reflect the business use. This contrasts with the more residential stucco material on the second floor, reflecting its corresponding use.

The Healy Undertaking Company ranks among the oldest of the family firms in Aurora in which descendants of the founders are still actively engaged. It was the first mortuary in Kane County to provide a suitable chapel designed specifically for its particular use. The ornamental medallion over the entrance was carefully restored from photographs after the original vanished.


332 W Downer Place
Aurora, IL 60505