Red Light Enforcement

The City of Aurora is dedicated to improving safety and saving lives by ensuring motorists who choose to drive through red lights are held accountable.

Crashes caused by red light runners are particularly dangerous because they result in "side impact" or "T-bone" crashes. These types of crashes typically cause the most serious injuries, since the vehicle's occupants are less protected than if they were hit from either the back or head-on since they are sitting closer to the body of the vehicle.

The Aurora Police department responds to approximately 5,000 traffic crashes annually, which kill and significantly injure exponentially more people than those involved in violent crimes. While the City has experienced double-digit decreases in traffic crashes, a contributing factor has been the 24/365 presence of the red light cameras.

Camera Intersections

Red Light Cameras Are Installed At The Following Intersections:

  • Commons Drive and East New York Street
  • Eola Road and East New York Street
  • Farnsworth Avenue and East New York Street
  • Farnsworth Avenue and Molitor Road
  • Ogden Avenue (Route 34) and Eola Road

All of the intersections selected for enforcement have historically ranked among the top 30 crash locations within the City. In addition, enforced locations are clearly marked by signage, as mandated by Illinois State Law, to alert motorists that automated enforcement is being utilized.


Potential violations undergo a 3 phase review process by trained technicians prior to being securely transmitted to authorized City of Aurora Police Reviewers. These sworn officers will review both the still images and video clip of the cited vehicle, verifying all pertinent information relating to the vehicle's license plate is correct, prior to determining if a violation notice should be issued. Police reviewers apply the same criteria they would when deciding to issue a motorist a citation on the street. Violation notices will provide detailed instructions on:

  • How to view the still images and video clip of the violation online
  • How to submit payment either by mail, by phone through the toll-free customer service number or online
  • How to contest the violation by requesting either an in-person hearing or submitting a defense by mail.
  • Any questions regarding payment of red light enforcement tickets must be directed to RedSpeed, the City's vendor, at 866-286-7447.


The Aurora Police Department wants to remind motorists that it is not a violation if:

  • A vehicle enters the intersection on a yellow light or
  • A vehicle is caught in the intersection when the yellow light turns to red and the vehicle must clear the intersection.

Statistical Analysis For Red Light Camera Locations In Aurora

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New York and Farnsworth: 2019

Farnsworth and Molitor: 2019

New York and Commons: 2019

New York and Eola: 2019

Ogden and Eola: 2019

Ogden and EOLA: 2020

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