Step 3: Finalizing Research

Now that you've invested the time and effort to research your home, you should make your information accessible to others. Put all known facts in writing with your sources noted. Include hearsay and educated guesses, but identify them as such. Create a chain of ownership chart, write a biographical sketch of previous owners, or write the architectural history of your home.

You're Finished, Now What?

Here are some suggestions to make sure your hard work will be appreciated in the future.
  • Keep copies of your deed and mortgage papers with instructions to pass on to any new owners in the future.
  • Keep a copy in a secure, permanent place in the house itself such as a metal box attached to a main beam in the basement or in a niche in the foundation.
  • Place copies in your permanent files. Take them with you when you move and give copies to your children and heirs.
  • Give a copy to the Aurora Historical Society and the Aurora Preservation Commission to keep in their files.
  • If the original building date has been determined, it might be a good idea to have the information inscribed on a metal plate that can be attached to the foundation or a main beam.