Contractor Licensing


Setting Up an ENTIRELY NEW Contractor License or Registration - Complete and submit the Contractor Registration Application to [email protected]. Upon Account set up we will let you know to set your account password and make payment online. 
  • Contractors renewing their registration may use the Online portal. For more information, please refer to: ETRAKIT for Contractors

Contractor Testing Requirements

  • Testing requirements (PDF) for electrical and mechanical municipalities for which we accept testing reciprocity
  • ICC Tests
    • Electrical - We accept current certifications from the International Code Council (PDF) for the categories of Standard Master Electrician (commercial); Standard Residential Electrician (residential); and Standard Journeyman Sign Electrician OR Standard Master Electrician Certification (Signage Electrical Contractor) in lieu of municipal testing.
    • Mechanical - We accept current certification from the International Code Council (PDF) for the category of Master Mechanical Certification (Exam N29) in lieu of municipal testing.


RENEWING an EXISTING Contractor License or Registration
  1. Navigate to the home screen
  2. Select ‘Forgot Password’ in the upper right hand corner of the screen
  3. Select ‘CONTRACTOR’ from your choice of account types
  4. Enter the main business email address that would have been associated with your account. Then select RESET PASSWORD
  5. IF you have multiple accounts the system will warn you that ALL accounts will be reset. Select CONTINUE. This though may suggest that we need to consolidate accounts for your company so that you get the best ease of use of the new system. Send a note requesting contractor account consolidation to [email protected]
  6. From the same computer that you used in 'RESET' above; Retrieve email(s) from DevServicesAdmin and select ‘Reset Password’ link. If you have multiple emails they represent multiple accounts and they would all need to be reset. We suggest that until accounts can be consolidated that you use the same password.
  7. Navigate back to the home screen
  8. In the top orange ribbon; Select the pull down arrow next to ‘Public’ to change to ‘Contractor / Developer / Design Professional’
  9. In the top orange ribbon; From the newly displayed center box select the pull down arrow and scroll to find your company name from the list of contractors we have in our system. Select your company name (again if listed multiple times please send a note requesting contractor account consolidation to [email protected].)
  10. Now enter you newly created password in the password box to the right of your company name.
  11. NOW at your DASHBOARD, you should see Active Licenses, Active (Building) Permits, Active Inspections and Active (Planning/Engineering) Projects. Should a License, Permit or Project be missing from your DASHBOARD, Send an email to [email protected] requesting that we add your company name to that License, Permit or Project so that you may monitor progress, pay or request inspections from your DASHBOARD