Building Codes

Locally Adopted Model Codes with local amendments below

Note that the State of Illinois mandates our enforcement of the Current State codes.  Locally adopted model codes follow, find local amendments in 'current codes' link below.
  • 2009 International Code Council Series
  • 2008 National Electrical Code for one and two family - 1999 all other structures.

State of Illinois Mandated Codes

  • Plumbing
  • Energy
  • Elevator
  • NFPA 101 Life Safety
  1. Code Amendment Form (PDF)

    Submit a form to have a code amended.

  2. Code Development

    View documents pertaining to the development of city code in Aurora.

  3. Current Codes

    View the current municipal codes regarding building and permits in Aurora.

  4. Historical Codes

    View building codes pertaining to historical structures.