Rules & Regulations

100 - General

100.1 Definitions

  1. Airport - All property designated by the City of Aurora as the Aurora Municipal Airport including areas not used for aeronautical purposes and all the improvements and appurtenances contained thereon.
  2. Airport Manager/Director - The person appointed by the City of Aurora to manage and supervise the operation of the Aurora Municipal Airport. In the absence of the Airport Manager/Director, the Mayor of the City of Aurora may appoint an Interim Manager/Director.
  3. Person - Any individual, firm, co-partnership, corporation, company, association, society or club and includes any trustee, receiver or similar representative thereof.
  4. Public Airport Facilities
    1. The phrase "Public Airport Facilities" means the following facilities as they are from time to time provided and made available by the City of Aurora for public use by all aircraft and their operators:
      1. Public runways for the purpose of the landing and taking off of aircraft.
      2. Public taxiways for the purpose of the ground movement of aircraft.
      3. Public aircraft parking area for the purpose of temporarily parking and storing aircraft; for the purpose of loading and unloading passengers, baggage, freight, mail and other cargo upon and from aircraft; and for the purpose of performing operations incidental to the immediate arrival and departure of aircraft.
      4. Any other area provided by the City of Aurora for public use by aircraft operations at the Airport.
    2. The phrase "Public Airport Facilities" shall also include public roads, streets, highways or such means of ingress and egress.

100.2 Scope

All persons shall be governed by the Rules and Regulations prescribed herein while on or occupying any area of the Aurora Municipal Airport. They shall also be subject to comply with the order and instructions of the Airport Manager relative to the use and occupancy of Airport property and Airport facilities.

100.3 Penalties

The Airport Manager and the City of Aurora may remove or evict from the Airport premises any person who knowingly or willfully violates any rule or regulation prescribed herein, or any rule or regulation in effect by the Federal Aviation Administration or Department of Aeronautics of the State of Illinois, and may deny the use of the Airport and its facilities to any such person if it is determined in the sole discretion of the Airport Manager or the City of Aurora that such denial is necessary and reasonable under the circumstances.

100.4 Lost Articles

All lost articles shall be turned into the Airport Manager's office by the finders. Any such articles not claimed in sixty (60) days shall be considered unclaimed property and shall be disposed of in accordance with the provisions of the Illinois Statute on unclaimed property.

100.5 Liability

The City of Aurora Manager and/or its agents shall not be liable for the loss, injury or damage to persons or property by any cause, including but not limited to fire, theft, vandalism, wind, flood, earthquake, war, acts of terrorism or collision occurring on airport property.

100.6 Accident Reports

All persons involved in any accident or incident occurring on the Airport which injures or damages person, aircraft, automobiles or other property of any nature shall make a report to the Airport Manager within forty-eight (48) hours giving all pertinent information as requested by the Airport Manager or his/her designee.

100.7 Disaster Plan

The City of Aurora has a disaster plan published and in place if an event should occur at the Aurora Municipal Airport requiring its implementation. Once implemented, this plan supersedes and controls all activities at the Airport until the event is considered concluded.

100.8 Minimum Standards for Commercial Activities

Minimum Standards have been published for commercial activities at the Aurora Municipal Airport. Any person(s), corporation or organization conducting business or planning to conduct business on the Airport must comply with these standards unless a specific exception is granted in writing by the City of Aurora and/or its' duly authorized agents.

200 - Motor Vehicles

200.1 Licensing and Registration

  1. No person shall operate motorized equipment of any kind on the Airport unless possessed of a valid State of Illinois Operators License.
  2. No person shall operate any motor vehicle on runways or taxiways or landing, taxiing or aircraft parking areas without having first registered the same with the Airport Manager and obtaining permission for the operation of such equipment from the Control Tower.
  3. No person shall park automotive equipment in any aircraft tie-down area.

200.2 Rules of Operation

  1. Unless required for use in the operation of a business on the airport, approved deliveries of goods to a business on the field, or for a construction project no person shall operate a motor vehicle of any kind in any aircraft movement area on the Airport unless otherwise specifically approved by the Airport Manager. In the event of an emergency, responding vehicles shall be permitted in all movement areas, but the operators shall recognize that portions of the Airport may remain open during the resolution of an emergency, which may cause a hazard to the emergency vehicle.
  2. No person shall operate a motor vehicle of any kind on the Airport in a reckless or negligent manner. Speed limits shall not exceed ten (10) miles per hour on ramp, apron, or aircraft parking and hangar areas.
  3. Aircraft shall have the right-of-way over all other traffic on the runways, taxi strips, ramps and aircraft parking area. Unauthorized pedestrians are not permitted on runways, taxi strips and ramps and all pedestrians shall yield the right-of-way to aircraft. Pedestrians and vehicles shall, when possible, pass to the rear of parked aircraft. Neither pedestrians nor vehicles shall pass in front of an operating aircraft.
  4. No person under the influence of liquor or drugs shall operate a motor vehicle or aircraft on the Airport.
  5. No persons shall operate a motor scooter, truck or other vehicle without the exhaust system protected by screens or baffles to prevent the escape of sparks or the propagation of flame on the Airport.
  6. All aircraft operations shall be in conformance with Federal Aviation Regulations and State of Illinois Regulations.
  7. All vehicles operating on the Airport between the hours of sunset and sunrise shall have fully operating headlights and taillights visible at least five hundred feet (500').
  8. Emergency conditions existing on the Airport will not mitigate or cancel any existing regulations unless the Disaster Plan is implemented as stated in 100.7 above.

200.3 Radio Equipment

  1. All vehicles operating on a regular basis in the landing and taxiing area shall be equipped with two-way radio and be in continuous communications with the Control Tower with the exception of the following types of equipment:
    1. Crash equipment while attending an accident.
    2. Refueling vehicles and towing tugs may cross for loading purposes only. Prior to each trip the operator must obtain telephone clearance from the Tower or clearance by two-way radio.
    3. Agricultural and maintenance equipment not engaged in working on the runway proper. The Tower will be kept informed of the general area in which they are working.
    4. Any vehicle crossing any taxiway or runway and not equipped with a two-way radio and in direct contact with the Tower on the ground frequency shall not operate within the aircraft movement areas until prior permission is received from the Control Tower by telephone and then must observe all light signals from the Control Tower.
  2. It is the responsibility of all vehicle operators to be conversant with the standard airport light signal regardless of whether vehicle is radio-equipped.

200.4 Repair of Motor Vehicles and Aircraft

No person shall make any repairs to motor vehicles or aircraft anywhere on the Airport that shall create a hazard to other aircraft, motor vehicles, property or people or create an unsightly condition; nor shall any person move, interfere or tamper with any motor vehicle part, or aircraft part, instrument or tool thereof without the permission of the owner of satisfactory evidence of the right to do so duly presented to the Airport Manager.

200.5 Parking

  1. No person shall park a motor vehicle in any area other than those areas specifically provided and established for parking unless approved by Airport Manager.
  2. No persons shall park a motor vehicle in any manner in the parking areas other than those in the position designated by marked lines or by posted signs.
  3. No tenant of a t-hangar shall park his vehicle in any area other than the designated parking area or inside his or her respective hangar.
  4. No vehicles shall be parked adjacent to t-hangars.
  5. Authority is granted the Airport Manager to tow or otherwise move motor vehicles that are parked in violation of these regulations on Airport property and such movement of a vehicle shall be done at the operator's expense and without liability for damage attaching to the Airport Manager, City of Aurora or authorized representative.

300 - Aircraft Operations

300.1 Aeronautical Activities

All aeronautical activities at this Airport and all flying of aircraft departing from or arriving in the air space above the Airport shall be conducted in conformity with the current pertinent provisions of the Federal Aviation Administration, Transportation Safety Administration and orders issued by the Airport Manager.

300.2 Based Aircraft Registration

The owners of all aircraft based on the Airport will register their aircraft with the Manager's office within forty-eight (48) hours of arrival. Any change in ownership will require a change in registration.

300.3 Refusal of Clearance

The Airport Manager may delay or restrict any flight or other operations at the Airport of any aircraft for any reason in his/her sole discretion.

300.4 Closing of Field

In the event the Manager believes the conditions of the Airport or any part of the Airport to be unsafe for landings or take-offs, it shall be within his/her sole discretion to issue a NOTAM closing the entire Airport or any part thereof. This shall be filed with FAA Flight Service Station over the signature of the person authorizing such closing. The same procedure will be followed when the field is again usable.

300.5 Disabled Aircraft

  1. All disabled aircraft and parts thereof on the Airport shall be promptly removed from public view by the owners as soon as possible unless otherwise instructed.
  2. If any person refuses to move an aircraft as directed by the Airport Manager or authorized designee, said aircraft may be towed away at the owner or operator's expense and without liability for damage that may result in the course of or after such moving. The same shall apply to removal of wrecked or damaged aircraft and its parts.

300.6 Warming Up

Aircraft at Aurora Municipal Airport shall not perform warm-up, engine run-ups or engine test operations in any area that would result in a hazard to other aircraft, persons or property. No testing of engines between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. unless specifically approved by the Airport Manager.

300.7 Parking of Aircraft

No person shall park aircraft in any area on the Airport other than that prescribed by the Manager.

300.8 Demonstration

No aerobatic flight or ground demonstrations shall be conducted on the Airport without the express written approval of the Manager. No aircraft shall be operated in other than normal flight altitudes without the express written approval of the Airport Manager.

300.9 Lighting Facility Damage

Any person damaging any light or fixtures by means of contact with aircraft or other vehicle shall report such damage to the Airport Manager's office immediately and shall be fully responsible for any costs required to repair or replace the damaged facility.

300.10 Categories of Aircraft

The classification of any aircraft and the type of operation connected therewith shall be determined by the Airport Manager unless specifically described below:
  1. Private
    1. Privately owned aircraft will be operated non-commercially by owner or owners.
    2. The aircraft can be used in connection with the owner's business comparable to an owner's use of his private automobile.
    3. Company and corporation owned aircraft that are operated for the free transportation of their and other personnel and or products are classified as private aircraft and subject to the restrictions as listed under 2 above.
    4. Club aircraft must be owned and operated by a non-profit partnership or non-profit Illinois corporation, and each club member must be a bona fide owner of a part of the aircraft or a share in the corporation. The club may not derive greater revenue from the use of the aircraft than the amount necessary to pay and amortize the use of the operations, maintenance and replacement of its aircraft and will file and keep up to date with the Airport Manager a list of membership. At any time the Airport Manager has reason to believe a club aircraft is being so operated that it falls under the "commercial" classification hereunder, he shall so notify such club. If they fail to remedy conditions in the complaint, the Airport Manager shall reclassify the aircraft and levy fees necessary to the pertinent type of operations.
    5. Aircraft for sale: New or used aircraft held for sale only. Such aircraft may be demonstrated to prospective purchasers, or, when sold, may be used to instruct the new owner in their operation.
  2. Commercial Aircraft used:
    1. To carry passengers for hire on local flights.
    2. For rental, hire or charter.
    3. Student instruction and its kindred occupations where payment is made.
    4. Any aircraft used for commercial purposes and not otherwise covered in these regulations.
    5. Sales
  3. Certified Air Carriers
    1. Contract: All Federally certified air carriers holding a contract with the Aurora Municipal Airport.
    2. Non-Contract: All Federally certified air carriers not covered in Section 300.11 C.1. above.
    3. No scheduled air carrier operations will be allowed at the Aurora Municipal Airport by carriers using aircraft of more than 30 seats.

300.11 Ground Operations

  1. No operator of an aircraft shall taxi onto or across a runway or taxiway unless specifically cleared to do so by radio or light signal while tower is in operation.
  2. No person shall start or run any engine in aircraft unless a person that is a licensed pilot or a licensed FAA mechanic is in the aircraft attending the engine controls.
  3. No person shall run the engine or engines of any aircraft at any location on the Airport in such a manner as to cause damage to either aircraft or property or in such manner as to blow paper, dirt or other materials across taxiways or runways in such a manner as to endanger the safety of operations on the Airport.

300.12 Landings and Take-offs

  1. Procedures to be used when landing and taking off, unless otherwise directed by ATC or for safety:
    1. All aircraft operations shall comply with most recent noise abatement procedures.
    2. No aircraft shall taxi on the grass or use the grass areas for take-offs or landings unless specifically designated or approved by the Airport Manager.
  2. Prior authorization is required for aircraft with a wheel loading in excess of the amount published in the Airmen's Information Manual to land or take-off at the Aurora Municipal Airport.

400 - Fueling & Flammables

400.1 Cleaning of Aircraft

No person shall use flammable volatile liquids in the cleaning of aircraft, aircraft engines, propellers, appliances or for any other purpose unless such operations are conducted in compliance with the Fire Code of the City of Aurora.

400.2 Storage

No person shall keep or store any flammable and/or toxic material unless in compliance with the Fire Code of the City of Aurora in the hangars or any building on the Airport. Such materials may be kept in an aircraft in the proper receptacles installed in the aircraft for such purposes or in rooms or areas specifically approved for such storage by the City of Aurora Fire Marshal or in Underwriter's Laboratory approved safety cans.

400.3 Doping and Painting

Painting and Doping processes shall be conducted only in areas conforming to the City of Aurora Fire Code.

400.4 Fueling Operations

All fuels for aviation purposes will be dispensed on the Aurora Municipal Airport property in compliance with the City of Aurora Fire Code.

400.5 Fueling and Defueling Aircraft

  1. No aircraft shall be fueled or defueled while the engine is running or being warmed by applications of exterior heat or while such aircraft is in a hangar or enclosed space.
  2. No persons shall smoke within one hundred feet (100') of an aircraft being fueled or defueled.
  3. No person shall operate any radio transmitter or receiver or switch electrical appliances off or on in an aircraft during fueling or defueling.
  4. During refueling the aircraft, the fueling dispensing apparatus shall both be grounded to a point or points of zero electrical potential.
  5. No person shall use any material or equipment during fueling or defueling of aircraft that is likely to cause a spark or ignition.
  6. Adequate fire extinguishers shall be within ready reach of all persons engaged in fueling or defueling aircraft.
  7. No person shall start the engine of any aircraft when there is any fuel on the ground or under such aircraft.
  8. Fueling hoses and equipment shall be maintained in a safe, sound and nonleaking condition and shall be approved by City Fire Marshal in all respects and parts.
  9. No aircraft shall be fueled or defueled while passengers are on board the aircraft unless a passenger loading ramp is in place at the cabin door of the aircraft, the aircraft door is in open position and a cabin attendant flight officer is present at or near the cabin door.
  10. Persons engaged in the fueling and draining of aircraft shall exercise care to prevent overflow of fuel. Persons responsible will take proper measures to remove volatile liquids when applied during transfer.
  11. Refueling trucks shall be parked only in designated areas as approved by the Fire Code.
  12. Self-fueling of aircraft shall be approved by Airport Manager.
  13. Corporate self-fueling shall be in compliance with the Minimum Standards for Commercial Activities and Tenants at the Aurora Municipal Airport.

400.6 Storage on Apron Area

Gasoline, oil and solvent drums or receptacles shall not be stored on apron and ramp areas in excess of amounts actually needed as current stock. Any material of this type that is kept in subject areas will be kept enclosed and covered in a housing of a design and type that meets the approval of the City Fire Code.

400.7 Liquid Disposal

No fuels, oils, dopes, paints, solvents or acids shall be disposed of or dumped in drains, on the ramp areas, catch basins or ditches or elsewhere on the Airport.

500 - Public & Tenant Usage

500.1 Disorderly Conduct

No person shall be allowed upon the Airport while under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or intoxicating liquor (unless medically prescribed). No person shall commit any disorderly, obscene or indecent act, use obscene language or commit any act of nuisance, conduct or engage in any form of gambling or commit any act or acts likely to disturb other persons or cause a breach of the peace.

500.2 Sanitation

No person shall dispose of garbage, papers or refuse or other material on the Airport except in the receptacles provided for that purpose; nor use a comfort station other than in a clean and sanitary manner; nor expectorate on the floors, walls or other surfaces of any Airport property.

500.3 Preservation of Property

No person shall destroy, injure, deface or disturb in any way any building, sign, equipment, marker or other structure, tree, flower, lawn or other property on the Airport, nor alter, make additions to or erect any building or sign or make any excavations on the Airport without permission nor willfully abandon any personal property on the Airport.

500.4 Weapons, Explosives and Flammable Materials

No person, except peace officers, duly authorized Air Carrier employees or members of the Armed Forces of the United States on official duty shall carry any weapons or explosives on the Airport except cased sporting guns carried for transshipment without expressed permission of the Airport Manager, but in no event contrary to law.

500.5 Restricted Areas

No person shall enter upon the field area, control tower, utilities and service rooms or areas or other areas as may be designated restricted, except:
  1. Persons assigned on duty therein.
  2. Persons authorized by the Airport Manager.
  3. Passengers under appropriate supervision entering the apron for the purpose of embarkation and debarkation.

500.6 Use of Roads and Walks

  1. No person shall travel on the Airport other than on the roads, walks, or places provided for the particular class of travel.
  2. No person shall occupy the roads or walks in such a manner as to hinder or obstruct their proper usage.

500.7 Animals

No person shall enter the Terminal Building of the Airport with a dog or other animal except that Seeing Eye dogs may be permitted in for appropriate purposes, and where animals are to be transported by air or restrained by leash or properly confined.

500.8 Loitering and Refusal to Comply

No person shall loiter on any part of the Airport or in any building on the Airport, nor shall any person come upon or use the Airport except while traveling through as a passenger on an interstate bus or taxicab or while enplaning or deplaning as a passenger on an aircraft operating on the Airport after such person has been denied the use of the Airport by the Manager. Any person or persons who shall refuse to comply with these applicable rules and regulations, after proper request to so do by the Airport Manger or other authorized representatives, shall be requested to leave the Airport, and in the event of his or her failure to comply with a proper request to abide by the Rules and Regulations of the Aurora Municipal Airport shall be regarded as trespasser.

500.9 Use of Shop Areas

All shops, garages, equipment, and facilities are expressly for the conduct of the owner's or lessee's business and operations. No persons other than employees of the owner or lessee shall make use of these facilities or loiter around such premises without individual and specific permission of the owner or lessee. This section applies to the Aurora Municipal Airport premises as well as other property comprising the Airport property.

500.10 Conduct of Business or Commercial Activity

  1. No person shall engage in any business or commercial activity of any nature whatsoever on Airport property without a written agreement with the City of Aurora.
  2. No soliciting of funds for any purpose on the Airport without a written agreement with the City of Aurora.
  3. No person shall establish a parachute drop zone on Airport property. However, skydiving shall be allowed on a case by case basis, with the approval of the Aurora City Council, for Airport special events, under such terms and conditions as may be prescribed by the Airport Manager.

500.11 Smoking

No person shall smoke on the Airport apron, in any hangar or shop, service station area, gasoline storage area, or in any building, room or place on the Airport where smoking is specifically prohibited or within one hundred feet (100') of any fueling or defueling operation.

500.12 Trash Containers

No person shall keep uncovered trash containers in any area. No vehicle used for hauling trash, dirt or any other materials shall be operated on the Airport unless such vehicle is constructed so as to prevent the contents thereof from dropping, sifting, leaking or otherwise escaping therefrom. Areas to be used for trash or garbage containers shall be designated by the Airport Manager and no other areas shall be used. Such areas shall be kept clean and sanitary at all times. All lessees are responsible for keeping their areas clean and neat at all times.

500.13 Floor Care

All lessees on the Airport shall keep the floors of the hangars, hangar areas and terminal apron and ramp areas, leased by them respectively or used in their operation, clean and clear of oil, grease and other material or stains and in good repair, except as may be provided to the contrary in any specific leases or contracts.

500.14 Storage of Equipment

No tenant or lessee on the Airport shall store or stack material or equipment in such a manner as to constitute a hazard to personnel or property nor allow such material or equipment to be or become a nuisance.

500.15 Equipment and Miscellaneous in Apron Area

All ramp equipment shall be parked and kept in a neat and orderly manner. No receptacles, chests, cases or housing shall remain on the apron or ramp area that do not fit in with the general architectural cleanliness standards of the rest of the installation. Final approval on these items rests with the Airport Manager.

500.16 Maintenance

All tenants shall maintain their leased property in a condition as to repair, cleanliness and general maintenance in a manner agreeable to the Airport Manager or in accordance with the individual lease agreements shall not permit or allow the leased premises to be or become a nuisance.

500.17 Fire Equipment

All tenants or lessees shall supply and maintain fire extinguishers, which shall be adequate and readily accessible in accordance with rules approved by the City of Aurora Fire Marshal for the particular hazard involved.

500.18 Structural and Decorative Changes

No tenants, lessees or grantees will be permitted to effect structural or decorative changes of any type without prior permission of the City of Aurora Building Department.

500.19 Damages

Tenants, lessees and grantees shall be fully responsible for all damages to buildings, equipment, real property and appurtenances owned or in the custody of the Aurora Municipal Airport caused by negligence, abuse or carelessness on the part of their employees, agents, customers, visitors, suppliers, or persons with whom they may do business.

500.20 Metering

Every tenant shall provide a meter for the purpose of accurately measuring gas, water and electrical power used by the tenant over and above the normal amounts of these utilities as furnished by the Aurora Municipal Airport.

500.21 Use of Other Law Enforcement Agencies

In the event that occasions arise that are beyond the capability of regular Airport employees to control, outside law enforcement agencies shall be called for assistance.

600 - Schedule of Charges

600.1 Rates and Fees

From time to time when space is available and when the Aurora City Council deems it proper, fees may be charged for the following: landing, floor rental, field use, tie downs, parking and any other fees which the Aurora City Council may designate. Rates will be available at the Airport Manager's office.

700 - Penalties for Violators
700.1 Any person who violates or aids or abets in the violations of the provisions of any of these rules and regulations shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof shall be fined not more than Five Hundred Dollars ($500) and/or denied the use of the facilities of the Airport for a period not to exceed thirty (30) days.

700.2 Airport Manager shall be authorized to issue citations to persons or businesses violating these regulations.

Adopted by the City Council September 17, 1985

Amended by the City Council August 10, 1999 and

Amended by Committee of the City Council January 11, 2006