Please read the disclaimer on the GIS home page before clicking on any of the apps.

Available Apps

Construction Zones: 

The most up-to-date information on major construction projects is available on one citywide map. Plan your travel routes and find links to project websites with timely updates on everything from expected road closures to project end dates using the Construction Zones App.

Cooling and Warming Centers: 

The City of Aurora coordinates winter warming centers during periods of extreme cold and summer cooling centers during potentially life-threatening heat waves at public facilities throughout the city. Find the location and hours of operation for your nearest warming or cooling center with this app.

Downtown Parking:

 Visit this link to find your ideal parking space for your next event.


Need to know what day is your garbage day? Who is your alderman? School information, voting districts, zoning data and much more information for your home or business address is at your fingertips with My Place.

Parks Finder:

Looking for a soccer field or tennis court? A game of pickup sand volleyball with friends? A picnic shelter to rent for your next cookout? Use the Park Finder App to search by park name, location, or activity and find a City of Aurora or Fox Valley Park District park or recreation area right in your neighborhood.

Property Zoning Search:

Visit this link to find zoning of properties by searching by address or Parcel Identification Number (PIN).