Criteria That Must Be Meet for Activation of Outdoor Warning Sirens

Any of the following criteria must be meet to activate the outdoor warning sirens:
  1. The City must be included in a National Weather Service (NWS) tornado polygon
  2. Our weather operation center has detected a definite circulation <=2000 feet on Stormlab that is over/approaching the city.
  3. We have a verified/reliable/accurate report of a tornado over/approaching the city.
    1. A citizen report does not qualify as verified/accurate/reliable unless the city 911 receives multiple reports with the same report at the same location at the same time.
  4. We see 90+knots (104 miles per hour (mph)) knots of wind at the lowest elevation scan over/approaching the city.
  5. Winds of 100+ mph is when structure damage begins. It is also speeds that will produce significant tree damage including the actual uprooting of large trees.