PW Contractor Licensing Information

Any work done within the City’s public right of way must be done under a PW contractor license. The General contractor license issued by the Building and Permits Division do not cover work within the public right of way.

PW Application


PW Contractor License application covers three types of work:

  • PW Concrete – Restoration or installation of concrete in the City’s right of way.
  • PW General Excavation – Any type of excavation, including installation of utilities in the City’s right of way.  Also, any work on or the installation of City utilities outside the right of way requires a PW license
  • PW Paving – Restoration or installation of asphalt in the City’s right of way.

An applicant may file for any combination of PW licenses, but must submit a separate application, fee, and previous competent record for each class of work. Please note that we require the posting of only 1 (One)  $20,000.00 Performance and Maintenance Bond for any individual or combination of licenses.

To find the PW Contractor License Application Form (PDF).

Required Items

The following items must be attached upon submission of the application to Engineering Division on the 2nd Floor of the DSC Building at 77 South Broadway or mail all documents with payment to 44 East Downer Place, Aurora, IL  60505 ATTN: Engineering.

  • $100 application fee per contractor type/application
  • Original performance and Maintenance Bond in the amount of $20,000.  The bond must be valid through February 28th of the following year.
  • Certificate of Insurance showing general public liability in the amount of $1 million and Workman’s Compensation insurance.
  • First time and returning applicants must fill out the Reference Page.