New Development

Minimum Initial Submittal Requirements​

Checklist for Final Engineering Submittal

Checklist for Final Engineering Submittal (PDF)

The below documentation is considered the minimum and therefore projects may require more information based on site specific conditions:
  1. 2 Complete sets of 24 inches by 36 inches plans that are signed and sealed by an Illinois Licensed Professional Engineer.
  2. 1 Completed Project Information Sheet (PDF).
  3. Form 1 Project Flowchart, Form 2 Stormwater Management Permit Application and Tab 1 Project Overview (all forms can be found in Part 2 of the Kane County Stormwater Technical Guidance Manual).
  4. 1 Soil Investigation Report for the site.
  5. Provide Storm Sewer Calculations for the project, which shall include exhibit delineating and designating the sub-catchment areas.
  6. 1 Mylar Address Plat at 1 inch equals 100 feet.
  7. Two copies of the Stormwater Report in tabular format containing Tabs 2 through 7 listed in the Kane County Technical Manual as applicable to the project. Stormwater Report must contain:
    1. Existing Conditions
      1. Tributary Area Map
      2. TR-20 100-year Critical Duration Analysis Model
    2. Proposed Conditions
      1. Tributary Area Map
      2. City of Aurora Modified Rational Method Calculations
      3. TR-20 100-year, 24-hour Model
      4. Overland flood route calculations
  8. Wetland Determination reports prepared by a Qualified Wetland Review Specialist.

Fox River Corridor Population Equivalent (P.E.) Use Fee Ordinance

Effective March 23, 2010, Ordinance No. O10-09

If a project has been determined to be within the boundaries or connecting to a sanitary sewer within the boundaries of this ordinance, the project needs to complete a copy of a fixture and residential unit count sheet and submit it with all other the required documentation and certifications to the Engineering Division for review and fee determination. If the project is a building permit without any other Engineering review, please fill out the Project Information Sheet. Below are links to the forms w / instructions (one form is in color the other is in black and white). Also, there is a link to a copy of the ordinance.

Project Information Sheet

Submission of Civil Engineering for commercial development should follow the City of Aurora Standard Specifications for Improvements and generally precedes the submission of the building permit.

This Civil submission should also include a completed Project Information Sheet (PDF). This form is submitted with plans and contains all project specific information. Please make sure the form is filled out completely.

Project Resubmittal Form

To ensure efficient processing and tracking of the re-submittal, please download and fill out the Project Resubmittal Form (PDF). This form is required to accompany all documents associated with a new development engineering resubmittal to the Engineering Division and shall be placed on the top of the submittal so that it is plain to see. Failure to include said form may result in the City not accepting the submittal and/or may delay the processing of the submittal.

Proposed Grading Agreement

Single family, multi-family new construction requires the builder to submit as part of the permit application the completed signed, original Proposed Grading Agreement (PDF).

Temporary Occupancy Guidelines for Commercial Developments

Standards for Individual Lot Improvement & Inspection

Standard Language for Subdivision Securities