About the Project

The idea for RiverEdge Park grew out of the Master Plan for Downtown Aurora, a plan commissioned by Seize the Future Development Foundation and adopted by the Aurora City Council on August 8, 2006. RiverEdge Park will be an attraction not only for recreation and community events bringing City residents together, but will act as a draw for Aurora to attract development and businesses that are looking to offer employees a great quality of life.

This plan identified the Fox River as the Downtown's most compelling and distinctive feature, and focused on an entertainment venue and destination for residents and visitors, that would connect the east and west sides of the river. It recognized the importance of this attraction as a catalyst for investment and continued development in our downtown. A design competition was held resulting in the selection of The Aurora Park Collaborative to design RiverEdge Park. Their concepts were refined though charettes, workshops and meetings in which business leaders and community members provided valuable input. Ultimately, the RiverEdge Park Master Plan was approved by the Aurora City Council September 25, 2007.

Photo Gallery

View photos of the park during construction.