1940s - 1950s


Smith Boulevard was developed.
  • A Beacon article from 1920 noted that the main entrance to Phillips Park is from Parker or use the Park boulevard entrance, an extension of Smith Street or the other entrance from Ohio Street.
  • A Beacon article from 1937 indicated a motor driveway from Smith Boulevard to Parker Avenue.


The Phillips Park Pool and Lincoln Park Pool were constructed.
  • It was first planned in 1918 and again in 1937, though it was not constructed until 1956.
  • The spray pool started as an attraction in the 1930s.
  • The pool was dedicated in 1956.
  • 1987 - The old pool was still open. Due to leaks it took 500,000 gallons to fill 300,000 gallon capacity.
  • 1988 - The pool closed.
  • 1988 - The city and the Fox Valley Park District hire a consultant for $12,000.
  • Spray Pool re-opened from 1988 to 1990.
  • Construction began on the Phillips Park Family Aquatic Center in 1991.


The United States Marine Corps Commemorative Plaque was dedicated by Mayor Paul Egan.


The Truemper Monument.
  • The monument was moved from McCarty Park to its current location at the Sunken Garden, sometime prior to 1969. Likely, it was in 1957. The story is that it had to be moved because Walter's mother had to pass it daily, when located at McCarty Park and was made very upset by the sight of it.
  • Walter E Truemper served in the U.S. Army Air Corps during WWII. He received the Medal of Honor for Valor, posthumously, on May 15, 1944. It was awarded for his willingness to offer his life in a futile attempt to save the life of a fellow airman and friend.
  • He was the only Auroran to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor for Valor.
  • The Monument was dedicated on January 2, 1956.
  • Walter E Truemper was born October 31, 1918 and died February 20, 1944.
  • The 50th Anniversary was recognized in 1994.


The Miniature Burlington Train was added as a new attraction at Phillips Park.


A tablet, located behind cannons, commemorating Comrade Daniel Wedge, the last Civil War Veteran of Aurora was installed.


The Waterfall was dedicated on May 30, 1959, following the afternoon Dedication Day Parade with 5,000 in attendance, to hear Col. Charles H. Edwards speak. There was also a Memorial Day Parade in the morning.
  • The Dedication Plaque reads: "In honor of men and women of Aurora who devotedly served their country in time of war." For WWII.
  • Later articles noted that Mayor Egan stated his displeasure with the project and the event itself, during the ceremony, to which he received boos from the crowd.
  • The original invitation to Mayor Egan from Park Commissioner Wyeth is on file.
  • City Commissioners in attendance included William G. Konrad, WB. Robertson, Leo E Boucon and H.A. "Ace" Wyeth, Sr.
  • waterfall on file.


F-80 Jet Fighter Bomber "Shooting Star" placed in Phillips Park.
  • Built in 1945, the F-80 was used at the end of WWII. This was one of 4 remaining F-80s.
  • Arrived in 1959 according to Ron Moses because the White Sox played in the World Series.
  • It was later moved to Georgia's Museum of Aviation at the Robbins Air Force Base 1984 or 1988.