President’s Award from Partnership for Safe Water

The Partnership for Safe Water is a national initiative developed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the American Water works Association, and four other prestigious drinking water organizations. The Partnership's mission is to improve the quality of water delivered to customers by optimizing water treatment system operations.

Partnership for Safe Water Program

The Partnership for Safe Water is a voluntary program where water treatment plants perform numerous tests and self-analysis to optimize their existing treatment processes. Partnership members participate in a rigorous four-phase self-assessment and peer-review processes, developed by drinking water industry experts, and are recognized for their commitment to delivering safe water to their communities. If successful in consistently producing water quality beyond what is required by current federal regulations, water treatment plants can achieve several levels of recognition.
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The City of Aurora Water Treatment Plant achieved the recognition level of Directors Award from 2010 through and including 2020. Furthermore, in 2014 the Aurora Water Treatment Plant was able to achieve and document additional improved performance and water quality. Thus, the City of Aurora Water Production Division is pleased to announce that the Partnership for Safe Water has bestowed the Presidents Award to the City of Aurora Water Treatment Plant. The performance necessary to maintain the President's Award has been achieved from 2014 through and including 2020.


The optimization of individual filter performance is a key water quality performance goal of the Partnership for Safe Water's Treatment Plant Optimization Program. The President's Award recognizes the highest possible and most stringent level of individual filter performance and is an outstanding achievement.

The City of Aurora Water Treatment Plant is one of a limited number of surface water treatment plants nationwide to achieve and document the level of performance required to receive the Presidents Award (the top one percent (1%) of surface water treatment plants in the United States). Truly elite company.