WaterSense Program Partner

The City of Aurora is an official Promotional Partner of the USEPA’s WaterSense program which is a voluntary, nationally recognized program sponsored by the USEPA that promotes water conservation and efficiency. The program provides reliable information on water-efficient products and practices.

Look for the WaterSense Label

One branch of the WaterSense program provides testing and labeling of water efficient products. WaterSense labeled products will be about 20% more water efficient than conventional products in the same category and will perform their intended function as well or better than their conventional counterparts. The WaterSense label is found on more than 300 models of showerheads, 730 different types of high-efficiency toilets, and 2,600 faucet or faucet accessory models. If 1 in 10 homes in the USA were to install Water Sense labeled faucets in their bathrooms, 6 billion gallons of water, along with more than $50 million in energy costs, could be saved.
WaterSense Logo
Look for the symbol to insure that any water delivering devices have the WaterSense label. Check back to this website for updates on the City’s continued participation in this important program. More information can be obtained by accessing the WaterSense program’s main website.