Water Main Flushing Program

2023 Program

The City of Aurora Water & Sewer Maintenance Division will be conducting a Water Main Flushing Program from May through August 2023.


Watermain Flushing Area 2023

  The general flushing program area for 2023 is:

  • North of Illinois Avenue - from IL Route 25 to Randall Road.
  • North of Tollway - from IL Route 59 to Kirk Road
  • East of Eola Road - from North Aurora Road to Tollway
  • Area bounded by Eola Road, Clara Avenue, County Line, and Tollway


Flushing may occur Monday through Saturday between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. 


Look for signs and crews in your neighborhood around the following dates. Dates are approximate and subject to change based on factors such as weather. 

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The purpose of the flushing program is to provide better water quality to our customers.

Flushing water mains removes sediment that may have accumulated in the water main pipes. The City of Aurora has used computer modeling of the water system to develop a program that combines unidirectional and conventional flushing methods.

Unidirectional Water Main Flushing

Unidirectional water main flushing uses a systematic method of closing water main valves and opening hydrants to direct water through targeted segments of pipe at a high water flow velocity. This method uses less water and is more effective at removing sediments than conventional flushing procedures, but can take more time and be more costly.

Conventional Water Main Flushing

Conventional water main flushing uses a sequential method of opening each hydrant along a section of water main without closing water main valves. This method can be completed more quickly than unidirectional flushing but may use more water and is less effective on larger size pipes.

The water main flushing program accomplishes different goals than the yearly fire hydrant flow testing performed by the Aurora Fire Department.

Minimize Problems

  • Watch for signs placed a few days before flushing occurs in your neighborhood.
  • Do not wash clothes or run a dishwasher during or immediately after flushing takes place nearby. Washing clothes with discolored water can cause laundry stains.
  • If discolored water is noticed, stop water use, wait, then turn on cold water faucets such as an outside spigot or bathtub to clear your service line.  If necessary, after your service line is clear, run a cycle through the washing machine to clear your laundry water lines.
  • Be certain discolored water is out of your water service line before using large amounts of water or doing laundry.
  • Discolored water poses no threat to your health. You may wish to avoid drinking or cooking with the water.
  • If laundry does become stained, do not dry it. A free bottle of liquid polymer laundry aide helps remove stains and is available for free from the City of Aurora by calling 630-256-INFO (4636).


There is no detectable level of lead in the City’s water distribution system.  However, lead can potentially dissolve into your water if water sits for several hours in your plumbing fixtures or your service pipes that contain lead.  If you want to know more about the potential for lead in your water, visit: www.aurora-il.org/lead

Further Questions

If you have further questions about the flushing program please contact the City of Aurora at 630-256-INFO (4636)

The City of Aurora appreciates your patience as we work to improve the quality of drinking water provided to our valued customers.