Information Technology


44 E Downer Place
Aurora, IL 60507



Link: Information Technology Page

Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Name Title Email Phone
Pegues, Michael Chief Information Officer 630-256-3460
Anderson, Jeff Deputy CIO 630-256-3421
Baker, Kelly Executive Assistant to the CIO 630-256-3460
Baker, Mike Network Engineer   630-256-3460
Barry, Matthew GIS Project Assistant   630-256-3460
Beyer, Alan Network Engineer   630-256-3460
Brown, Denzel Data Analyst   630-256-3460
Evans, Beau Support Desk Engineer   630-256-3460
Feuerborn, Andrew Data & Analytics Director   630-256-3460
Flores, Miguel IT Service Desk Engineer 630-256-3460
Fript, Gary Telecommunications Engineer   630-256-3460
Hastings, Nate Support Desk Intern   630-256-3460
Hughes, Jeff Systems Analyst   630-256-3460
Jahnke, Eric GIS Specialist   630-256-3460
Johnson, Angel Support Desk Coordinator   630-256-3460
Karumuri, Leela Director Cyber Security Risk   630-256-3460
Lee, Denzel Support Desk Engineer   630-256-3460
Miller, Lauren System Analyst   630-256-3460
Moreno, Manny Network Engineer   630-256-3460
Pecoraro, Salvatore IT Service Desk Engineer   630-256-3460
Quilez, Luis IT Service Desk Engineer   630-256-3460
Shields, Tim GIS Specialist   630-256-3460
Smith, Vince GIS Manager   630-256-3460
Trinidad, Christine IT PMO Manager 630-256-3460
Van Hook, Tracy Telecommunications Engineer   630-256-3460
Williams, Freddie Director Infrastructure & Operations   630-256-3460
Wouk, Keith Network Engineer III   630-256-3460