Does the ordinance require me to evict a tenant for one criminal incident?
No, the ordinance does not require an eviction based solely on criminal activity. It does require the property owner/manager to take action to ensure no additional incidents occur. The ordinance does require the use of a Crime Free Lease Addendum or use similar wording, in the body of the lease, that makes criminal activity a cause for eviction. It simply provides the property owner the tools and ability to deal with a problem if they choose or need to, possibly leading up to an eviction. The Crime Free Lease Addendum is similar to the one developed by HUD and used in section 8 leases utilized by housing authorities. Evictions based on this concept were upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2002 (see Oakland Housing Authority v. Rucker and Department of Housing and Urban Development v. Rucker).

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