Can I evict a tenant for dealing drugs or engaging in illegal activity inside his unit?
Yes you can. Successful eviction of this type of tenant is dependent up the use of the crime free addendum. The biggest hurdle you have to overcome in evicting a tenant for drug use is proving that the drug use is happening. Many municipalities are not only participating in seeking to evict drug dealers from the communities, they are actively encouraging the landlord to take action. Record the number of visitors that come and go into the apartment. Keep records of every disturbance which is reported from the building. Talk to your local police department regarding your suspicions. Even if you can’t ultimately prove that the tenant is taking or dealing drugs, you can probably prove that his behavior has unduly disturbed other tenants and neighbors and is interfering with the neighbor’s peaceful enjoyment of the premises.

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2. Can I evict a tenant for dealing drugs or engaging in illegal activity inside his unit?
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