What if I was home-schooled, am I still eligible?
Home-schooling certainly won’t make you ineligible, but we still need to establish comparative minimum academic standards. If you were home-schooled, you will have to achieve either the 2480 G.E.D. minimum composite score, or the 2.5 college G.P.A. requirement (after at least 16 hours of college credit).

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1. When will APD be testing again?
2. Where will the test location(s) be?
3. How long after I test can I expect to be offered a job?
4. Can any of the testing phases be missed?
5. How can I prepare for the physical test/what does it consist of?
6. Can I study for the written test?
7. What can I do to increase my chances of being hired?
8. Does Aurora accept lateral transfers from other police departments?
9. Are there any exceptions to the 2.5 G.P.A./2480 G.E.D. minimum composite score?
10. What if I was home-schooled, am I still eligible?
11. If I’m hired, can I start out in a specialized unit?
12. How do I learn more about the Aurora Police Department?
13. What can I expect when taking the video-based, job simulation multiple choice exam?