Is our water safe to drink?
The United States Environmental Protection Agency has promulgated the National Primary Drinking Water Standards, which establish maximum contaminant levels for various contaminants in public water supplies. These standards, in essence, determine what constitutes “safe” drinking water. For the last 12 years, the COA has been in full compliance with these standards.

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1. What is the pH of City of Aurora tap water?
2. Does the City of Aurora fluoridate the drinking water?
3. What is the level of fluoride in Aurora's drinking water?
4. Where can I find information about lead in drinking water?
5. I have a softener that is programmable. What is the hardness of Aurora's tap water?
6. Do I need a water softener in Aurora?
7. What is the raw water source for the City of Aurora?
8. How can I obtain the Consumer Confidence Report (Annual Water Quality Report)?
9. Is our water safe to drink?