How can I obtain a city water hookup if I’m in an unincorporated area?
A connection to the City’s water supply system can be made if water main piping is in place where the property is located. The Water Production Division, 630-256-3250, can make a determination as to whether water main is readily available to the subject property location. If water main piping is available, then the subject property owner may be required to annex into the COA and pay all required water supply connection fees.

If the property owner is not to be annexed into the COA, then the owner will be required to pay the applicable connection fees and will be charged double the normal water billing rate for water used. If the property is located outside COA corporate limits, please call the Development Services Team (DST) at 630-256-3163 and schedule a meeting with city staff to determine annexation options. If property is within COA corporate limits, call the Division of Building Permits at 630-256-3130 for permit requirements.

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1. How can I obtain a city water hookup if I’m in an unincorporated area?
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