Why must I keep my pet on a leash?
Every year, many pets are injured or killed simply because their curiosity compels them to wander off a bit to explore their world. Other pets, after having wandered off, may become scared and may snap, growl or bite at strange animals or people. This is also required by City ordinance.

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1. Where do the animals come from?
2. Do you provide any vaccinations or the spaying / neutering of owned animals?
3. How long do you hold the stray animals?
4. Why do the animals adopted from the facility need to be spayed or neutered?
5. When adopting, why is it necessary to bring the entire family?
6. If I have a rabies tag for my pet, why do I also need a City of Aurora Pet License?
7. Besides adoptions and picking up of stray animals, what other services does Animal Control offer?
8. Why must I keep my pet on a leash?