What can I do to make my home and neighborhood undesirable to coyotes?
The biggest tip is don’t feed the coyotes either intentionally or by accident. 90% of a coyote’s diet is small mammals but they will also eat birds, snakes, insects, fish, fruit, and vegetables. They can be attracted to bird and squirrel feeders, bread that is fed to ducks and geese, pet food that is left outside, and other unintentional food sources. Because of that, adhere to the following tips:
- Do not keep garbage cans outside if possible or at the very least, make sure the containers have tight-fitting lids.
- Keep grills and barbecues clean. Even the smallest food scraps may attract a coyote.
- Keep pet food and food and water dishes inside especially at night.
- Make sure ripe fruit and vegetables are picked from gardens.
- Stop feeding other wildlife or at the very least, do not allow spillage to accumulate outside of the feeders.
- When coyotes find these types of food sources in residential areas they may lose their fear of humans and eventually test both people and pets as prey.

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