What does "opt out" mean?
"Opt out" means that you can decide not to participate in the program at any time during the term of the agreement without incurring a penalty.

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1. What does "opt out" mean?
2. What happens if I do not send in the opt-out form?
3. Can I opt out over the phone?
4. Can I leave the program at a later date?
5. I've received other offers from electric suppliers. Why should I choose the City of Aurora's aggregation program?
6. What are my energy supply choices if I decide to opt out?
7. If I would like to stay with ComEd for the 2nd phase, do I need to opt out of the city's electricity aggregation program again?
8. I am currently receiving power from an alternative electricity supplier. Do I need to participate in the opt-out process?
9. If I opt-out of the program can I return at a later date?
10. If I am receiving power from an alternative electricity supplier and I want to opt-in to the program, what should I do?
11. I received a letter from ComEd stating that they received notice that my "electricity supplier of choice is being changed to Homefield Energy." Why did I receive this letter?