How long will it take for this to get restored?
  • Restoration for winter digs will be completed in the order they are received and should be done by May 31st. 
  • Restoration for digs after May 1st should take no more than 4‐6 weeks depending on weather, emergencies, and supply availability. 

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1. The City excavated near my property over the Winter and I was told they would be back to fix everything in the spring, but why haven’t I seen anything done yet?
2. What happened to my lawn / driveway / sidewalk / curb/ street?
3. Will the City fix / restore everything?
4. How long will it take for this to get restored?
5. Can I fix the grass / lawn myself and will the City reimburse me if I fix my lawn?
6. My Sprinkler / Fence was damaged during the excavation; will the City repair / reimburse me for the damage?
7. The City contractor finished the hard surface restoration (driveway / sidewalk/ curb / street), but didn’t finish the landscaping restoration, when will this get done?
8. Why is it taking so long for my property (lawn /driveway / sidewalk / curb/ street) to get fixed?
9. The excavated area is settling, forming a trip hazard / hole, what can be done in the meantime?