What are Storm Sewers, Catch Basins, and Inlets?

The storm sewer system carries away excess surface water runoff from rain events and melting snow. These sewer systems flow by gravity and convey stormwater to larger bodies of water such as rivers or retention/detention ponds. Catch basins and inlets are drains that are generally located in the curb along the street or in low spots in yards/drainage areas.

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1. What are Storm Sewers, Catch Basins, and Inlets?
2. What do I do if an inlet or catch basin is clogged by debris and rainwater is not entering the storm sewer system?
3. My basement has backed up and flooded, what can I do?
4. Why is there standing water on my property after it rains?
5. What can I do to reduce the amount of standing water on my property?
6. Can I connect to the storm sewer system?
7. I believe my neighbor is causing flooding on my property. What can I do?
8. When would the City undertake a drainage project to fix a drainage issue?