My basement has backed up and flooded, what can I do?

Basements can flood from rainwater as a result of large flooding events, leaking window wells and walls, failed sump pumps and leaking water pipes to name a few.  Another way basements can flood is when there is an issue with the home’s sanitary sewer service or sewer main causing the sanitary service to back up and flood the basement. Immediately report any sanitary sewer backups to the City of Aurora’s Water and Sewer Maintenance Division at (630) 256-3710 or afterhours at (855) 432-0062. The City will investigate the public sewers for issues and correct any problems in the publicly owned sewer if it caused the backup. The homeowner or business owns the sanitary service from the public sewer in the ROW or easement to the home or building.  Any issues in the sanitary service are the responsibility of the homeowner to maintain and repair. Tree roots in sanitary services are a common issue leading to basement backups and often require routine maintenance or replacement by the owner to prevent basement backups.  

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3. My basement has backed up and flooded, what can I do?
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