What is the Grand Army of the Republic Hall?
Aurora’s Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) Hall was opened on July 4, 1878, as a meeting space for and a tribute to Union soldiers following the Civil War. The Hall was funded by donations from Aurora's residents and the land was donated by Joseph Stolp, and it housed the only public library in the city until 1903. The octagonal limestone building sits at 23 E. Downer Place.

The GAR Hall was later turned into a museum of Aurora's involvement in the Civil War, but was closed in the 1990s after the building's foundation was deemed structurally unsafe.

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1. What is the Grand Army of the Republic Hall?
2. Didn't the City already restore the GAR?
3. So what will this restoration include?
4. How much will it cost?
5. When will construction start?
6. What will be on display when it opens?
7. Why is saving the GAR Hall so important?