Why is saving the GAR Hall so important?
The Grand Army of the Republic Hall in downtown Aurora is one of just a handful of Grand Army of the Republic buildings left standing in the United States, and over the past 130-plus years residents of Aurora have worked to build it, to save it from threats of being torn down, to save its foundation from crumbling, and to preserve its historical integrity.

As one of the few existing examples of a GAR Hall in the nation, the fully restored museum will attract Civil War and local history enthusiasts. Plus, the GAR Museum is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and contributes to the Stolp Island Historic District. The restored GAR Museum will not simply tell the story of the Civil War, it will tell the history of the people of Aurora who have worked so long for its preservation.

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1. What is the Grand Army of the Republic Hall?
2. Didn't the City already restore the GAR?
3. So what will this restoration include?
4. How much will it cost?
5. When will construction start?
6. What will be on display when it opens?
7. Why is saving the GAR Hall so important?