How does BAT work?
You complete and sign a BAT Registration Form, available from Aurora Police. You are then sent a reflective BAT decal to be placed in the rear windshield (lower corner) on the driver’s side. If the police see your vehicle/decal out between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m., they have permission to stop the vehicle and question the driver.

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1. What is Beat Auto Theft (BAT)?
2. How does BAT work?
3. What does BAT cost?
4. What if I want to register more than one vehicle?
5. What if a friend borrows the vehicle?
6. What if I need to use the vehicle and am stopped?
7. How do I withdraw from the BAT program?
8. Is the BAT program successful?
9. Is BAT the best vehicle theft prevention program?
10. What if I have more questions about BAT?