When and how will the carts be delivered?
The program will be effective July 1, 2015. Delivery will follow the garbage route. Monday delivery will begin on the west side through and until the far east side of Aurora.

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1. Can I opt out of the new program or is trash removal a requirement? What happens if I do nothing?
2. What should we do with the old containers?
3. How will I be able to choose my service option?
4. Who will be responsible for maintenance / replacement of the new carts?
5. How much do the carts hold?
6. What are the sizes of the recycling bins?
7. How will senior citizens register for the orange bag program?
8. Will there be any charge if the homeowner wishes to get a different size?
9. When and how will the carts be delivered?
10. How will the homeowner be billed?