When are permits not required?

Please note that permits are required with the majority of construction projects. Homeowners doing work are also required to apply for permits. 

Do not start or schedule work without first confirming if permits are required. Permits are required for but not limited to the following: 

  • Any structural changes, new construction, additions, or interior remodels will always require a permit. 
  • Any exterior work on Historic property or property located in Foxwalk District will always require a permit.
  • Any work in the Public Right of Way will always require permit and may require a licensed Public Works Contractor.  
  • Roofing work will always require a permit.
  • Electrical, Plumbing, and/or Mechanical work may require permit. 
  • New and/or replacement of existing structures (Deck, Fence, Garage, Shed, Pergolas/Gazebos, etc.) will require permit. 

Permits are not required for the following: 

  • Interior cosmetic work such as painting, flooring, and carpeting. 
  • Siding (Except for properties in a Historic/Foxwalk District)
  • Windows being replaced for the same size (Except for properties in a Historic/Foxwalk District)
  • Water Heater Replacement (Except if the unit is going from tank to tankless)
  • Backyard Patios that are not connected to a driveway. Please note that Zoning Ordinance requires each property maintain a percent of the property as green space. Please reach out to Zoning if you have questions: 630-256-3080.
  • Low Voltage Electrical (50 Amps or less)
  • Sewer work on private property. Please note any Interior Plumbing work or work in the Right of way would require a permit.

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