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Animal Control

  1. Rescue Partner Transfer Program Application

    Apply on behalf of your animal rescue organization to be able to accept animals from Aurora Animal Control & Care.

Boards & Commissions

  1. Candidate Nomination Form

    As a resident of Aurora, you are invited to use the form to nominate yourself for membership on up to 2 boards, commissions, councils,... More…

Planning & Zoning

  1. Development Services Team (DST) Meeting Request

    DST Meetings are scheduled to answer development related questions and inform customers of our processes. To meet with our team please... More…

  1. Land Use Inquiry (LUI)

Special Events

  1. 2017 4th of July Grand Marshal Nomination
  2. 2017 Grand Marshal Form for Memorial Day
  1. 2017 Gifts From Home Order Form

    Gifts to Aurora Military Service Personnel Program -- Complete this form and the City of Aurora will send a one-pound tin of mixed nuts... More…

  2. 2017 Special Event & Festival Application