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Rescue Partner Transfer Program Application

  1. Rescue Partners are needed to join with the Aurora Animal Care & Control Rescue Team in order to alleviate overcrowding and to provide placement for animals whose current condition is not manageable in a shelter setting. Animals transferred to AACC Rescue Partners will be vaccinated with age-appropriate vaccinations: additional medical services (spay/neuter, microchipping, testing) may be available depending on the animal and resources currently available. Transport help may also be available. In order to join as an AACC Rescue Partner, every item on this form must be completed and requested documents must be submitted.
    This Rescue Partner authorizes the following persons to enter into a transfer agreement and to remove animals from AACC's facility on behalf of the organization.
    AACC requires Rescue Partners to submit references for the review process. One reference from the veterinarian that provides care for the organization's animals and two references from shelters or other rescue groups with which the organization partners or from which it acquires animals. Provide complete contact information for the following references. In addition, provide the name and contact information of your local animal control provider.
  5. Primary Veterinarian
  7. Does your rescue have a facility/building?
  8. Does your rescue have a network of foster homes?
  9. Note: AACC Rescue Partners with a facility, shelter building, or that utilize boarding facilities, must make any and all of those facilities available for site inspection by AACC or its authorized agents.
  10. Types of services offered:
  11. Are there circumstances in which you would deem an animal to be non-placeable with the general public?
    Upload the following documents for review.
    Upon entering a rescue partnership with AACC, I understand and agree to the following:
  15. I agree to pick up, or arrange pick up for, any animal I have committed to transfer to my organization within 24 hours of the animal becoming available for transfer, unless otherwise arranged with AACC Rescue Transfer staff.
  16. I understand that AACC and the Rescue Transfer Team makes no express or implied warranties about the health or soundness of the animals transferred, and that I am taking the animal "as-is."
  17. I understand that there are no guarantees of the behavior or disposition of animals transferred to me.
  18. I agree to pursue veterinary treatment to assess all animals transferred to me and to provide basic and necessary veterinary care.
  19. I agree to provide the animals transferred to me with nutritionally adequate food, clean water and exercise sufficient to maintain the health and wellbeing of the animal.
  20. I agree to address any medical or behavioral problems that the animals transferred to me may have.
  21. I agree to surgically sterilize all animals transferred to me before placing them for adoption, if they are not already sterilized and if a vet deems sterilization to be safe.
  22. I agree to carefully screen adoption applicants to determine their suitability for the animals transferred to me and to stringently evaluate potential foster homes.
  23. I agree to permit AACC or authorized agents to inspect my facilities during normal business hours. I understand that this includes all boarding facilities.
  24. I agree to submit an Outcome Report of transferred animals at any time, as requested by AACC.
  25. I agree to pay for any expenses incurred relating to the veterinary care or basic husbandry needs of the animals transferred to me, unless otherwise agreed in writing by AACC, and hereby waive any rights to claim reimbursement of said costs and expenses from AACC or the Rescue Transfer Team.
  26. I agree to comply with any applicable Federal, state, or local laws applicable to the animals transferred to me.
  27. I agree to waive and forfeit any and all claims I or my organization has or may have in the future against AACC or the Rescue Transfer Team.
  28. Please be aware that all references will be checked and statistical information may be requested on transferred animals.
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