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Aurora Human Relations Commission Complaint Form


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    1. Seal

      This form will be used by the City of Aurora Human Relations Commission to investigate discrimination complaints. The Aurora Human Relations Commission operates under Chapter 22 of the City of Aurora Municipal Code.

    3. Your Contact Information
    4. Please tell us the discriminations issue.
    5. Please tell us the discriminations issues*
    6. Examples of discriminatory acts:

      • Refusal to sell or rent
      • Refusal to show property
      • Limitations on occupancy
      • Advertising
      • Refusal to negotiate


      • Terms and conditions of sale or rental
      • Terms and conditions of financing
      • Terms and conditions of broker services


      • Not Hired
      • Not Promoted
      • Terminated
      • Demoted
      • Transferred 
      • Unequal wages


      • Denial of full equal enjoyment of the services of a facility
      • Inaccessible entrance/restrooms
      • Lack of handicap parking
      • Denied service based on the use of a guide, hearing, or support animal


    7. Please identify the person(s), business, or company you believe discriminated against you:
    8. In your opinion, on what basis were you discriminated?
    9. 1*

      Please check the basis and include your status. For example, if you claim national origin discrimination, state your national origin. If age, state your age