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Candidate Nomination Form

  1. City of Aurora Boards and Commissions

    As a resident of Aurora, you are invited to use the form below to nominate yourself for membership on up to two boards, commissions, councils, or task forces. The information we collect will be used by the Mayor's Office in considering your interest in an appointment. It will be kept confidential and protected from disclosure to the extent permitted by law. If you have problems completing the form, please contact Jenette Sturges, Community Relations, at 630-256-3364 or email her.

  2. Board or Commission Sought

    Choose up to two boards or commissions on which you'd like to serve, in order of preference.

  3. Qualifications

  4. List any organizations within the City of Aurora with which you are affiliated, or any organizations outside of the City of Aurora that are relevant to the board or commission for which you are applying.

  5. Demographic Information (optional)

    The following questions are optional, and may be used to solely for the purposes of ensuring the diversity of the City of Aurora's boards and commissions. Note that some boards have certain requirements for the diversity of their membership based on one or more of the following criteria. (For example, the Aurora Veterans Advisory Council requires that a certain number of members on the board be veterans.) If you have questions concerning any of the following questions, contact Assistant Chief of Staff Alex Voigt at 630-256-3010 or

  6. Are you a U.S. Citizen?

  7. Are you a veteran?

  8. Ethnicity

    (Check any or all that apply.)

  9. (If you selected 'other,' you may choose to include more information here.)

  10. Have you attended any post-secondary school?

  11. Certification

    By checking this box and clicking the "Submit" button below I hereby certify that the foregoing responses are true, accurate, and complete. I agree that any misstatement, misrepresentation, or omission of fact may result in my immediate disqualification for appointment, and I consent to undergoing a background check.

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