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G.A.R. Summer Camp

  1. G.A.R. Summer Camp


    • June 18th, 9am-Noon
    • August 13th, 9am-Noon

    A black and white photo of an Army Band.These are free camps offered to Aurora students, age range 8-12 year old.

    Explore the history of Aurora during World War II by creating your own victory garden, experiencing what it was like to be drafted, and enjoy the historic G.A.R. Memorial Hall and Museum. This summer camp is designed to give students a greater level of understanding of Aurora during one of the most vital era of American history. During the three hour camp students will be taught about the importance of Victory Gardens and participate in team-building exercises and physical exercise. Liability waivers are required prior to participating in all G.A.R. Museum camp activities. Allergies and other concerns should be mentioned in the “Comments” section during sign up.

    For questions, please contact:

    Eric Pry
    G.A.R. Memorial Museum
    Office: (630) 256-3348

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