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Mobile Food Unit RENEWAL Application


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  • Step One

    1. City Seal
    2. MFU Renewal
      City of Aurora, IL
    3. Mobile Food Unit RENEWAL Application
      Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Completed applications may be submitted to: Revenue & Collections, 44 E. Downer Pl.
    5. First Name
    6. Last Name
    7. Address
    8. City
    9. Zip Code
    10. Primary Phone
    11. Vaild Email address
    12. Event-Based License Fees:*
    13. Annual Vendor Licenses (Bond in lieu of fee, see pg. 3 for additional information):*
    14. Business name and Address
    15. Unit Type:*
    16. Tent, Pop-up, Peddler, Etc.
    17. Current Certificate of Insurance (COI) that lists the City of Aurora and/or event sponsor as the primary, non-contributory additional insured on all applicable policies with GL being a minimum of $1M per occurrence and $2M general aggregate.
    18. Signed Indemnification
    19. Chief Financial Officer or Designee
    20. CFO or Designee