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Tour Request Form

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  2. On-Site Tour Request Form
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    All scheduled tours include a keeper chat at the start of the tour.  Please meet the keepers at the DeMoon Family Pavilion (just inside the zoo entrance) at your designated time.

    After the keeper chat is complete, groups will be able to experience the zoo independently (there are no more "Keeper Guided Tours" available).

  4. I understand that the Phillips Park Zoo staff will do their best to provide an educational and fun program. I understand that the program may be cancelled due to weather conditions, staffing constraints, or emergencies at the zoo. Zoo staff will do their best to contact me if a problem arises and will reschedule the program.
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  6. The Phillips Park Zoo is a free zoo. We offer educational programs as part of a community service. If your group would like to help the zoo to continue to improve its education and conservation programs, or general care of the animals we do accept tax deductible donations through the Animal Adoption Program (
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