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Aurora Farmers Market 2024 Vendor Application

  1. 2024 Aurora Farmers Market Application

    Thank you for choosing to participate in the 2024 Aurora Farmers Market season! This application is solely for our Saturday market. The Aurora Farmers Market strives to provide a large variety of vendors for our patrons, with a primary focus on local producers. We are so grateful to have you with us in our 113th season!

    This application is available only to those who have been pre-selected by market staff to participate, and once completed, acts as your acceptance into the market. Upon completion of this application, an acknowledgement email with the vendor handbook attached will be sent. Additionally, an invoice for the vendor fee will be sent shortly after. All market dues must be paid by or on your first day participating during the season, and market dues are NON-REFUNDABLE!

  2. If you have any questions, please contact Farmers Market Manager Felicia Freitag at [email protected] or 630-256-3375.

  3. Market Mission
    The objective of the Aurora Farmers Market is to provide fresh, locally grown foods while also supporting weekly community gathering. We want to provide a place for farmers and artisans to sell their goods directly to consumers; educating consumers on the benefits of better nutrition; providing a place for community groups to present their programs to residents; creating a family friendly atmosphere amid a vibrant gathering place that builds community spirit; and promoting economic development by drawing people to the downtown business district. The rich benefits of Aurora’s Farmers Market have endured for more than a century and will continue for generations to come.
  4. Location

    Saturday's Aurora Farmers Market at Water Street Square- 65 S. Water Street, Aurora, IL 60505

  5. Dates and Hours

    June 1st through October 5th - 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM

  6. Rules and Regulations

    1. PUNCTUALITY: Please be considerate to the other vendors and the market volunteers. Failure to be on time may result in re-assignment for the day. Those vendors arriving late will receive one warning, then a $10 late fee per market. Each area must be cleaned and restored to order by the end of each Market day, no later than 1 p.m.


    2. ATTENDANCE: Vendors who are unable to attend a specific market date in which they initially signed up for MUST inform Market staff within 48 hours of the market they will miss. A non-refundable $25 fine will be issued to any vendor who cancels less than 48 hours prior to a specific market OR who does not show up entirely.  


    3. SPACES: Seasonal vendors are assigned permanent locations. Each space is approximately 10 feet for single spaces and 20 feet for double. AFM does not guarantee a vendor's location and changes to the Market layout can be made at the Market Manager's discretion. Vendor's late arrival, changes in the number of vendors attending on any given day, and changes in the market layout may result in changes to vendors' locations. 


    4. SET-UP: Saturday set up time is 6:00 AM to 7:45 AM. Vendors may unload their merchandise on site but MUST move their vehicle as soon as it is unloaded. Parking for vendors is located in the large parking lot across Benton Street. Vendors arriving after 7:45 AM are not allowed to pull their vehicles past the barricades to unload unless permitted by the Market Staff. Late arrival may forfeit vendor's assigned space. If you are running behind, please notify Market Manager immediately.


    5. CLEAN-UP & CLEANLINESS: Trucks and any other equipment used for transportation or display shall be kept clean at all times. No unwholesome or spoiled articles may be offered for sale. Prior to leaving the Market, vendors must remove all waste and refuse from their market space. The area must be returned to the same clean condition as found upon the vendor’s arrival.


    6. BOOTH OPERATION: Vendors are expected to stay until the end of market hours. If they are sold out, they should leave their tent and tables up. Vendors may not leave before the market closes without approval of the market manager.


    7. DISPLAY:  Vendors must furnish their own tables, chairs or other display arrangements. In the event of rain, vendors must furnish their own protection, as the Market has no shelter. A tent or canopy is required unless otherwise discussed with manager. Under no circumstances may any space be shared, leased, re-sold or given away to another vendor without the express, written approval of the market manager. Spaces are not transferable.


    8. TENTS: All tents must be adequately secured for wind with 25lb of weight on at least 2 corners. Tents should also be clean and in good working order. Those vendors with inadequately secured tents or coverings may be required to dismantle and remove them. 


    9. PRICING: Scales and other weighing/measuring devices must be registered as legal for trade in the State of Illinois. Prices for items must be clearly posted, either on the item, individually or at a location near the product. The Illinois State Sales Tax number must be displayed prominently in any Market stall from which goods are sold.


    10. LABELING: Vendors are to display signage with the name and location of their operation. Products for sale are to display clear pricing. Farm Vendors are encouraged to display the type of growing practices that were used in their food production i.e. IPM, Certified Organic, pesticide-free, etc. Processed and Prepared Food Vendors are encouraged to display properties of their products i.e. organic, gluten-free, vegetarian, etc.


    11. CARRYING: A vendor may not sell products at Aurora’s Farmers Market unless at least 75% of the product offered was grown or processed by the vendor. A product not grown or processed by that person must have been purchased directly from another vendor meeting market standards. Vendor’s application shall state what products the vendor will sell at the Aurora’s Farmers Market, and any exceptions must be approved by the Market Manager, and/or the Committee.


    12. GRIEVANCE POLICY: All disputes of any nature shall be agreed upon by all parties to be settled at the discretion of the market manager, and/or Special Events Manager. Any altercation, be it verbal, physical or otherwise, will not be tolerated and may be cause for immediate expulsion from the market that day and may further result in permanent expulsion from the market. Any further disciplinary action will be determined by the market manager and/or the Special Event manager. Any occupant failing to comply there within will have their space declared vacant at the discretion of the market manager and no refunds will be given. The market manager is empowered to enforce the regulations and make discretionary judgments to that end, and in the best interest of the Market.


    13. NECESSARY DOCUMENTS & PERMITS: Vendors are required to comply with all requirements specific to their vendor category from the City of Aurora, Kane County, State of Illinois, and federal government. All vendors are required to comply and supply the market manager with the appropriate documents and licenses they are required of to operate.  


    14. PRODUCTION SITE: Vendors must post their production site locations. The Market reserves the right to visit the locations of growers/producers to confirm that the products brought to the market are their own.


    15. DISCIPLINE & REMOVAL FROM THE MARKET: Vendors who do not comply with the market rules and regulations shall forfeit selling privileges and may be subject to fines and penalties. Vendors may be removed or suspended from any market for; causing or maintaining unsafe or unsanitary conditions, repeated failure to attend markets, or behavior that obstructs any other vendor's commerce or ability to transact business.

    16. NO SMOKING/VAPING AT THE MARKET: In compliance with the Smoke-Free Illinois Act (410 ILCS 82/), the use of cigarettes, cigars, e-cigarettes, vapes, and any other electronic smoking device is prohibited on farmers market grounds as determined by the market manager. Smoking of any kind must be done outside said market grounds. 

  7. Electronic Signature Agreement*

    By checking the "I agree" box below, you agree and acknowledge that you have read the Rules and Regulations

  8. Electronic Signature Agreement*

    Have you been approved to complete this application by the City of Aurora’s Community Events Division? If you haven't, please contact [email protected]


    Complete all applicable questions carefully and completely. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Vendors with unpaid balances due to the City of Aurora will not be considered until their balance is paid in full. 

  10. I am applying as a:*

    Not sure which category you fall under? Visit our Vendor Categories and Policies document here: /DocumentCenter/View/12997

  11. About Your Business
  12. Booth Information
  13. Please indicate whether you plan to be at the Market every week (Seasonal), or only on certain dates (Occasional), as well as how many spaces you would like to request. A space is about 11 feet wide, intended for a 10' tent (no cars). Farmers/producers may request 2-3 spaces. More than one space is not guaranteed. After your application has been received, an invoice for payment will be sent out in the mail shortly after.

  14. Space Request
  15. Weekly Vendor Date Selection *If FULL SEASON*, skip this section

    WEEKLY VENDORS, please pick the dates in which you would prefer to participate. *PLEASE NOTE- Weekly spots are limited and are available on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE basis. If you choose a certain date that is not available, the Market Manager will contact you directly and ask you that you choose a different date. 

  16. Downtown Saturday Market
  17. 2024 Vendor Affidavit - Check to Agree*

    I agree to sell or offer for sale at the 2024 Aurora’s Farmers Market, only items disclosed to and approved by the market manager. I hereby affirm that I have read and understand the market rules and agree to comply with said terms of this application. I do agree to hold harmless the City of Aurora, their owners, agents, volunteers, employees or management and do hereby agree to hold harmless and indemnify the City of Aurora from any claim or suit resulting from the sale or consumption of goods or products sold at the Farmers Market including, but not limited to, any claims, charges, judgments, damages for personal injury or property damages, incidental and consequential damages and the cost of defense including reasonable attorney's fees, court costs and expenses. 

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