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City of Aurora Demonstration/March Application

  1. Section A. Organizer Information
  2. Section B. Event Description
  3. Please submit the following with this application:

    A. Route Map and Directions
    B. Waiver
  4. Section C. Event Logistics
    Per the Special Event Ordinance, if your event (procession or parade) contains more than one hundred (100) persons or twenty five (25) vehicles, a permit issued by approval of the City of Aurora will be required.
  5. Will streets need to be closed?*
  6. Will your event require baricades?*
  7. Will your event require parking?*
  8. Will your event require cardboard trash bins?
  9. Will your event require electrical service?*
  10. Will your event include live entertainment?*
  11. Will your event include tents of any size?*
  12. Will fees be charged for people to participate in your event?*
  13. Answering YES to any of the above questions may require you to complete a separate application and/or apply for additional permits for approval to hold your event.
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