• A large brown house.
  • A 2-story yellow house.
  • A grey house trimmed in red.
  • An old white house.
  • A house painted green and red.
  • A grey house with a porch.
  • A blue house with a front porch.
  • A large brick house with a white fence around it.
  • A brick house with a green tree in front of it.
  • A house with the siding falling off of it.
  • An old house with a small front porch.
  • A white house with a black car parked in front of it.
  • A duplex-style house with brown front doors.
  • An old white house that broken down.
  • A green garage-type building.
  • A large house with a large front porch.
  • A large yellow house.
  • A large brown house with green bushes in front of it.

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