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Ward Nine—Alderman Edward Bugg

Alderman Edward Bugg

Edward Bugg has been a resident of the 9th Ward since he and his wife had their home built in Far Southeast Aurora in 2004. Since that time, Edward has become involved with several local organizations and he now sits on the Boards of Grace Community Christian Church and Remington Crossing Homeowners Association. Before moving to Aurora, he served as the Executive Secretary of the Park Forest Community Development Cooperation.

Edward's educational background includes both a degree in Business from Eastern Illinois University and a Law degree from the University Of Illinois College Of Law. He has worked in both the business and legal fields for various levels of government and as the Vice -President of an Arbitration/ Mediation firm in the private sector. He was First elected in April, 2013. He will be up for re-election in 2017.

Service and Community Involvement

In 2012, Alderman Bugg, in conjunction with a local volunteer group, created and implemented the South Eola Road Art Project. The Project is a joint venture between the Ward 9 grade schools, the local business owners, and the community as a whole to provide Art displays for the Ward 9 commercial corridor for both the existing and vacant businesses.

Edward and his wife Beth have 3 children. They are involved in the local schools, the Fox Valley Park District Pre-School and the YMCA. Alderman Bugg currently serves on the Government Operations Committee of the Aurora City Council.

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