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Lost and Found Pets

Have you lost a pet? What should you do? Start by following the suggestions on this page. The most important is to check with the animal services listed below.

  • Aurora Animal Control - (630) 256-3630
  • Anderson's Shelter - (847) 692-2881
  • DuPage County - (630) 407-2800
  • Kane County - (630) 232-3555
  • Kendall County - (630) 553-9256
  • Naperville - (630) 420-6178
  • You should visit your shelter to see if your pet was taken there.
  • Make posters and flyers and put them in pet stores, vet clinics and grocery stores. Put an ad in the local paper.
  • Remember your pet might be scared and not know how to get back home. So be sure to talk to your neighbors and their children.
  • If your pet is wearing a collar with tags, this could get your pet back home faster.