Official website for the City of Aurora, Illinois. Mayor Robert J. O'Connor

Contractor Licenses

Contractor License Forms

Contractor Testing Requirements

    • Testing Requirements for Electrical and Mechanical Municipalities for which we accept testing reciprocity
    • ICC Tests
      • Electrical
        We accept current certifications from the International Code Council for the categories of Standard Master Electrician (commercial); Standard Residential Electrician (residential); and Standard Journeyman Sign Electrician OR Standard Master Electrician Certification (Signage Electrical Contractor) in lieu of municipal testing.
      • Mechanical
        We accept current certification from the International Code Council for the category of Master Mechanical Certification (Exam N29) in lieu of municipal testing.

StAR Contractor Program and Discounts

    • Contractor Registration Fees;
      • Starting Jan 01, 2011; Contractor registrations for which Aurora collects fees based upon Aurora Building Code
        regulations shall be $200.
        • Contractors who qualify for the Aurora StAR Contractor designation will receive a 50% registration
        • Aurora StAR (Superior Approval Rate) Contractor: Shall be a contractor who on Jan 01st falls within the TOP 25% of inspection passing rate (AP & AE) for contractors in their trade the previous calendar year.
      • Trade Passing Rating