Official website for the City of Aurora, Illinois. Mayor Robert J. O'Connor

Peddlers / Solicitors

For Residents:

A reminder that all Peddlers/Solicitors:

  • MUST receive a permit prior to peddling/soliciting.
  • MUST have their peddlers permit with them at all time and produce it on request.
  • MUST have some form of identification on them, including identification of the company for which they are working.
  • MAY NOT claim to represent the City of Aurora, or claim that their product is endorsed by the City, at any time.

Peddlers are also required to skip any homes that are clearly marked NO SOLICITORS. Residents may download a NO SOLICITORS sign for their front door. Stickers are also available for free to residents at City Hall, 44 W. Downer Place, and at the Customer Service Center, 3770 McCoy Drive, or may be purchased at any hardware store.

Residents who observe peddlers commit an infraction should contact the City’s Customer Service Center at 630-256-INFO (4636) or to report. Reports made through the Customer Service Center may remain anonymous and allows city staff to track and cite violations in a timely manner. Peddlers in violation of City ordinance may be fined or banned from peddling/soliciting in the City of Aurora for a period of one year.

For Peddlers/Solicitors:

  • Chapter 32 of the Municipal Code
  • Incomplete Applications will not be accepted or processed
  • Required:
    • Clear copy of a valid state identification card
    • Copies of any materials that will be shared with residents
    • For third party peddlers/solicitors: A valid copy of the signed agreement/contract
    • Any other information as requested by the City Clerk or designee
  • Application