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Aurorans to Save 25 Percent on Future Electric Bills

The Aurora City Council voted today to approve First Energy Solutions as the City’s new electrical supplier to provide savings to Aurora residents and small business owners.  The City purchased 100 percent renewable energy. 

Aurora customers are expected to save about 25 percent on their monthly electric bills – or about $300 annually for the average household – as part of the City’s electrical aggregation program.  Aurora residents approved a referendum question March 20 to give the City the authority to purchase electricity on behalf of its residents and small businesses through a competitive bidding process from an electricity supplier other than Commonwealth Edison (ComEd). 

“This program gives our residents and small businesses a free and easy way to cut their utility bills, while at the same time helping the environment,” Mayor Tom Weisner said.  “By locking in low rates today, Aurorans are expected to save $30 million over two years – that’s money that can be pumped back into the local economy, creating jobs for our residents.” 

The City Council approved a two-year contract with the Akron, Ohio energy supplier, who will be bringing 100 percent green power to Aurora.  Electric customers will be charged 4.71 cents per kilowatt hour with the switch from ComEd to First Energy Solutions, which will cut the community’s energy costs by about $15 million annually.  The City considered four bids as part of the selection process.

Aurora residents and small businesses will have two opportunities to opt-out of the electrical aggregation program if they do not want to participate.  First Energy Solutions will send out the first notice explaining the savings on City of Aurora letterhead.  After the new rates become effective no later than August, ComEd will send a switch notice giving customers a second opportunity to rescind and opt-out. 

Participating customers will continue to receive only one electric bill, which will come from ComEd, with the new supplier’s cost reflected.  ComEd will continue to distribute electricity and maintain power lines to the community; and Aurora electricity customers still will call ComEd if they experience a problem with their service.

The City is not receiving revenue from this arrangement with First Energy Solutions.  For more information about the electrical aggregation program, visit the City’s website here

Location: Aurora, Illinois


Release Date—May 24th, 2012