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Mandatory Housing Classes Announced

City and police officials have announced the next round of mandatory crime-free housing classes which owners, landlords, and agents of rental and non-owner occupied residential buildings in Aurora must enroll.

Classes in English will be held Jan. 26, Feb. 16, Mar. 9, Apr. 13, and May 18.  Classes in Spanish will be conducted Feb. 2 and Apr. 20.  All of the sessions will be held in the community room of the new Aurora Police Department, 1200 E. Indian Trail, from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m.

Attendance in one of the classes is mandatory in order to obtain an operating license which is required for all non-owner occupied residential dwelling units and buildings, whether or not rent is paid; and all two-unit and multiple unit buildings whether or not they are owner-occupied.  Those who have already gone through the city’s landlord training classes that have been taught by Aurora Police since 1992, or an approved crime-free housing class in another city, are exempt from having to attend.  Property owners may also have agents who are authorized and registered with the city attend the class on the owner’s behalf, provided the agents will assume all duties, obligations and responsibilities of the owner.

The required class provides landlords and property owners with important tools to combat crime and improve the quality of life on their properties. Topics cover city requirements concerning licensing and inspections, mandatory criminal background checks and lease addendums; as well as Section 8, trespass agreements, crime and fire prevention, gang and drug awareness, and other beneficial information.  Comprehensive forms and written materials are included with the class.

Owners of non-owner occupied residential property including condominiums, town homes, or single unit residential buildings as well as two unit, and multiple unit buildings are required to be registered and licensed with the City of Aurora.

For more information on licensing and inspection requirements, and to register for the class, call the city’s Department of Neighborhood Standards at (630) 256-3770.  Email application is also available on the city’s website at under the Police Department tab.  To receive more information on the Crime-Free Housing classes, call the Aurora Police Department at (630) 256-5482. In order to register, applicants must supply their names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and the addresses of all rental properties they control.  Registration will close five days prior to the beginning of each class.

Location: Aurora, Illinois


Release Date—December 27th, 2012