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Aurora Pay-By-Phone Parking Option At Route 59 Train Station Starts Feb. 5

Commuters now have the convenience of paying for a daily parking spot from their smartphone at the Route 59 Metra train station starting Feb. 5. 

The City has contracted with Parkmobile USA, Inc. to offer a pay-by-phone option to commuters who park at the station’s 1,665 daily spaces.  Commuters can create an account either on Parkmobile’s website or by using their phone to scan a QR code on signage that will be posted at various locations throughout the station, 1090 N. Route 59.  Users will enter their credit card information for replenishing the account similar to the I-Pass system used by the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority. 

Once an account has been created, commuters can download the Parkmobile app from their smartphone and begin utilizing the service. 

Commuters who do not want to create an account can call Parkmobile at 877-727-5004 and make a credit card payment with its customer service department. 

The City has added the electronic method in response to commuter feedback seeking a quicker and more convenient way to pay for parking without waiting in line to pay at the station’s vending machines.  Parkmobile charges 55 cents per transaction, which would make the total daily parking fee $2.55 for commuters using the optional pay-by-phone service.  The Aurora City Council approved the 2-year agreement with Parkmobile in December with potential to extend the deal in the future. 

Commuters who pay in cash or purchase a pre-paid payment card will continue to pay the regular $2 daily parking fee. 

The City is exploring expanding the pay-by-phone feature to the Aurora Transportation Center, 233 N. Broadway Ave., in the future when the pay machine system is upgraded to be compatible with electronic payments. 

Commuters interested in creating an account or looking for more information on the pay-by-phone option can visit  

Location: Route 59 Metra Train Station, 1090 N. Route 59, Aurora, Illinois


Release Date—February 5th, 2013